The ultimate guide to know what makes work meaningful – or meaningless

“Your Ideal Work” is a 16 pages free guide with advice and five exercises on how to assess your work and make it provide purpose and prosperity. Receive the guide and get weekly articles on how to design your future work.

The guide to show you your ideal work—and life

Your work-life has not become what you had imagined. The work does not even provide you a good life. Luckily, you have not settled on this yet. What are the aspects that comprise meaningful work for you? What are the areas you can improve to get a decent life? Learn how with the free guide that makes you ask the five most important questions to make you understand how you really want your life to be. The booklet will direct you in the right direction to build a reputation and to design significant work.

Assess your possibilities

You have all the skills, values, opportunities, and requirements to define your fulfilling work. You just need to describe exactly how you want it to be.

Your Ideal Work helps you think through how to solve your work-life. What did you enjoy doing earlier, and what makes you joyous right now? Are there openings presenting themselves and why is it important to you? Establish a vision for what you really want and when that can happen. Look over what income you need and who can give you those benefits. Look for meaning by finding where is the convergence of your values, your competence, your market and your opportunity.

How to assess these possibilities is what this free guide will make you realise.

“Don't Get a Job… Make a job”

Gem Barton

Why am I suited to teach you this?

Photography by Petter Strømsted

I am Christian Leborg, a designer, speaker and teacher. I run courses on how to innovate work design. I help professional creatives to design work that is both meaningful and sustainable.

In addition, I publish articles and a newsletter about the design of work innovation.

I have had an engaging career and five different professions in visual communication, which all of them I taught myself.

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