Income is a tool to find meaning in your work

The course makes you master the system that give you professional freedom and financial independence.

Why do only a few creative professionals have the work of their dreams?

Some parts of your work are meaningful, but not nearly enough.

You work way too much and really crave to be more with friends, your family and have alone-time.

Worst of all, you do not earn enough to be able to pay your basic expenses.

People do not value your contribution enough to pay you reasonably.

You are considering taking on a new job (as you have done several times earlier) that is not in the creative industry, just to get you back on your feet.

You are mad at yourself for not being the responsible grown-up that brings home the bacon. You insist on doing this thing that supposedly makes you happy, but does not make you content because it keeps you poor.

Every once in a while, you dream about work that makes your life more meaningful and with a broader purpose.

Then you think about your life and that you need income – regularly, and then you suppress your dream, and do nothing.

Sometimes you even make a plan for a change. You assume you would need to have extra education, and then you shudder at the thought of starting at the bottom and climb the ladder – again.

Then, on some occasions, you meet or hear about someone that has the same competence as you that seems to have been able to cross over, have an accomplished career and do well economically.

When you look at those that make a difference AND a living, they do not seem to struggle – they seem unaffected. They do really challenging work, but land on their feet – and still hang out with friends.

Make your work worth doing

The Five-week course Work Worth Doing will guide you towards what you enjoy that has a broader purpose, and that gives you autonomy. It also comprises a system that lessens the burden of always worrying about money. To get professional freedom, you have to be on your way to becoming financially independent; to gain profit from what you have invested. Gaining more work autonomy is a prerequisite to the freedom of being wealthy.

Gain professional autonomy and financial independence

What you’ll get in “Work Worth Doing”

You will learn to set up your ideal work with what you like to do, what you are good at, what people need, and will pay for. You will calculate your life’s hourly rate, how to increase it to amass money to fund a life where you can follow your passion and mission.


It is fun to learn, create and communicate new ways of working with visual literacy to learn, create and communicate.

Creative story process

You make and convey the story of your work with a narrative structure with sections and checkpoints that doubles as a creative process.


It is fun to innovate work making a ‘game’ so you ‘play’ work using gamification techniques and applied improvisation.

Learning material

The course has summaries of all modules, work tasks, consideration points, exercises and worksheets for all lessons.

What people are saying

Hear from other creative professionals that has taken part in workshops with Leborg to pursue more meaningful ways to work.

Iwan Thomson

Landscape architect

Believe in their approach

Leborg helped Lala to define its ‘customer promise’. They conveyed the stories about how Lala collaborated with users to improve experiences. The stories confirmed Lala’s belief in their approach. Lala has become a frontrunner in urban nature and development.

Nima Shahinian

Product designer

Build a work model

Nima Shahinian leads a product development and design studio. Their company’s story was not consistent. Leborg helped build a working model as a narrative structure. Shahinian got attention for combining physical products with digital solutions.

Øyvind Nedrelid

Chief executive officer

Work strategy

Pro-X! has a focus on social responsibility. They have developed a tool that intensifies this for their clients. Leborg helped Pro-X undergo the purpose and the values of the service. We built a framework for work strategy.

Make your work more significant and it will increase your income

You get access to five modules featuring twelve lessons with training videos, transcripts, worksheets and access to a private student group.

√  How much is your work worth? 

√  What have you got to show for?

√ What to trade your life for? 

√ How to learn with a growth mindset?

√ How to self-learn and practice deliberately?

√ What if you did not have to work for a living?

√ Efforts in alignment with values?

√ How to innovate work with visual literacy? 

√ How to make work into a game?

√ How to improvise prototypes for work?

√ How to test the design of your work?

√ How to design work systems?


Module 1: The sweet spot

If you’ve questioned whether your work is meaningless, this first module will make you discover what your work is worth, finding your career path options and mentors that live the life you envision.


Module 2: Accumulate growth

Time to establish learning goals based on your purpose, and change your situation with a growth mindset. Contact mentors and learn from their development what skills you need for your career change.


Module 3: Story works

In this module, you will identify the skills you need by analysing your purpose. Assess your level of competence and become proficient through deliberate practice and meet your most important goals with disciplines of learning.


Module 4: Make a model of work

Time to play: Learn to establish mastery habits by implementing learning disciplines, making the work into games and improvising rapid prototypes for work. All this to limit your efforts and measure your progress.


Module five: Compound capital and competence

Design, execute and evaluate experiments of your work innovations. Automatise your mastery habits to exceed your income. Analyse your career capital and start keeping a career journal and conducting a quarterly review. Change your work situation.


Besides the twelve lessons, I will give you an extra hour of coaching one month after completion. If you have completed all modules, you will be eligible for a free coaching call.

Brought to you by Christian Leborg

I am a self-taught professional with a preference for lifelong learning. I have changed my career five times, but just lately have I got what I call fair recompense for my work.

Having had to study and create my solution to his problem of either not having significant or sustainable work, I can now offer you a philosophy, mindset and compass to steer you into more meaningful work that is also maintainable.

Photography by Petter Strømsted

After the course, you will be able to:

–Make a joint portfolio, resume and income graph.

–Set up the habit of tracking your time spent and combine it in your daily visual journal.

–Rate your performance by combining major tasks with your expenditure and income.

–Show how passion, mission and vocation coincide and what it means for your work.

–Forever change your attitude towards work by always changing and improving it.

–Know the answers to the twelve questions that lead you to improve your relation to work.

Guarantee stamp

Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 Days

Try Your Ideal Work Future for a full 30-Days-risk-free guarantee. If you have done all the work but you have seen no advancements towards an ideal work future, you will get your money back. Answer some questions and show me you did the work and you deserve a refund. 

Ascending brain

Get your mind set

I have had a similar career to what you experience right now, but I did not have a course to teach me how to have a creative profession with the income I felt I deserved. The major obstacle was my mindset: my lack of interest in money matters. I offer you this course so that you may embrace income as a tool to find meaning in your work. I hope you will change your mindset and change your life.

Illustration by Christian Leborg