Illustration by Christian Leborg


If you did not have to work for a living?

This question opens up for daydreaming. Here is how to achieve those dreams and live in line with your passion and mission.

Wealth is to live as you want without worrying about money. There are two strategies for getting wealthy. One is to amass a fortune that provides a livelihood from the compound interest. Or, you live more freely by spending less money than you earn. You must have the answer to the question of what you eventually would achieve with one of the two strategies. It is easier to have a meaningful life if you are financially independent. Likewise, it is easier for you to do something significant if you are professionally autonomous.
You need to develop one of the two strategies to be able to enjoy the effect. The systems will affect each other, and in addition, developing them together will strengthen them both. What would you do if you didn’t have to work to make a living? This is one of life’s most important questions. This dilemma will get you started on work that is important. Having worked on some answers will strengthen your ability to fulfil these desires.
Live the life you want
Professional autonomy depends on financial independence. Using only what you can afford will save you money, so you can take time off to do important work. Let’s say you eventually become financially independent. You still have to limit your consumption to what you possess, so that you do not unconsciously reduce your wealth. Regardless, by living the life you dream of, no matter what you earn, you can become more wealthy than others with higher incomes.
You want to be financially independent and professionally autonomous. It takes time to be able to live off of an invested fortune. If it motivates you to implement these strategies, you must have the answer to what skills you prefer to spend your life on. People who do not solve the money and meaning conundrum have often not answered this question. This may be the reason they do not have a working life that motivated them.
What would your life be like if you didn’t work for money
–Vicki Robin
Give yourself the opportunity to live this story of your life. To make ends meet with less money and no income fund, you can do meaningful work with a small income. Unfortunately, this can make your work situation vulnerable. If you have not built up any assets, a change in your situation may force you to take on less desirable work. Build an emergency fund so that when something unexpected happens (as it always does), you can still do work that motivates you.
The crucial moment of change will take place when your accumulated wealth creates its own income, or when your amassed competence makes the work run more easily. Engage in a creative process to find the right problem with your work. Find something that has a purpose that is bigger than you. There does not have to be one interest, it is actually appropriate to diverge here. It is easier to find something meaningful in your life if you have previously opened up to the question of finding meaning among many possibilities. Equally important, these two strategies will give you the opportunity to try different things. Living out these two strategies is difficult, so you need to have a powerful motivation to reach both your goals.
Do not just daydream the story about your life. Do work with engaging activities that are something that you interests you and which you have competence in. Having financial independence and achieving professional autonomy gives each other strength. They nurture each other because money provides freedom and freedom gives you motivation. Moreover, they are both based on compound interest. The financial interest you earn on savings and the compound knowledge will provide flow.
To achieve financial independence and professional autonomy, you need to establish habits. The idea generation process has come to the convergence phase where you define the routines for both the collection of assets and skills. As a result, the freedom that money gives you will get you to perform great work. To deliver high-quality work, you must have covered the basic needs that the money covers. Financial independence gives you the opportunity to realise yourself, and professional autonomy can make you work towards the purpose you want. Your professional and financial systems depend on your exertion of power.

Compound interest of capital and competence

The system of both strategies that make you achieve your dreams comprises 

A. Get an overview of your successes and failures of wealth and work in life.

B. Track the activities in your present situation.

C. Make an account for your dispositions.

D. Answer the most important question by visualising your ideal work future.

E. Minimise expenses and maximise the return on both money and labour to reach your learning goals. 

Establish routines to make work into a system
It’s hard not to spend money you’ve already made. Similarly, it is difficult not to just relax when you know you can rely on the work skills you have already gained. But if you keep up the routines, the habits to improve will develop into significant benefits. You will also experience the inherent pleasures of performing and maintaining habits. By establishing routines, it will be easier to continue to invest your income in funds and invest time and effort in learning at work. To be able to make this strategy into a system, show your processes and procedures to your colleagues and other stakeholders.
Work procedures as business models
Whether you are an employee or an independent worker, make your work procedures into market oriented business models or work models. Set up work sequences as systems. Besides the fact that financial systems work best with automation of transferring money from income to expenses, including savings, automation of work habits are similar. Imagine the activities, act them out, and revise the procedures based on experience. This may also be conveyed as a story.
Work comprises effort and time. The value you must get after investing in your strategies is the reward of having a good life. Similarly, money from investments follows the same pattern. Wealth is not having many things, but living your life the way you want. Being able to not work makes it possible to live a significant and purposeful life.

Exercises: Plan for how you can obtain your dream-life and when it will be  a reality.