To make money as a creative is not about having streams of income but about management.

To find meaning in your work, do not just look for money or motivation. Do research on yourself and the world.

Get an overview of what you have earned and spent and accumulate your expertise and capital.

Your colleagues, customers will follow your work. Their opinion will affect your personal brand.

Visualise your work, tell the story of your work and play your work as a game. The exercises to design your work.

To be able to test the new design of your work, assume that something is true as a result of your idea.

The tasks and actions of work are services and not products. You can improvise prototypes of work through scenarios, procedures, or interactions.

To become an indispensable, creative professional, your income will affect how your skills improve your work. Let’s make a game of it.

You have become better at reading symbols and images, but have you ever designed work as a system that uses visual language?

To change your career, talk to professionals with the lifestyle that you want. What did they do to get where they are?

This question opens up for daydreaming. Here is how to achieve those dreams and live in line with your passion and mission.

If you want more meaningful work, you need skills to make it work. This is what you need to direct your learning.

To change your work, you need to gain additional skills. How can you develop new skills when you are learning slowly?