Illustration by Christian Leborg

About significant and sustainable work

You are a creative professional who wants your work to be more fulfilling and more decent.
You can solve this by being equally preoccupied with financial independence as with your professional autonomy.
I am Christian Leborg, a self-taught polymath with a preference for lifelong learning. I have changed my career five times and has in every single industry tried to get fair recompense for my work. I had to research for and create my own solution for a system to remedy the lack of sustainable work. Now I can offer you a course to lead you into significant work that is also sustainable.
It is about how you design your work to be purposeful and how you give yourself the possibility for a good life. Besides a growing content library, like the free guide to how to design your ideal work, and weekly articles, I offer an online course on work worth doing. Redesigning your career will probably take place in parallel with your full-time job, or in parallel with a full-time search for a job. Therefore, the learning activities have to be engaging. Reviving the innate skills of making, telling stories and playing, allows you to create and pursue a difficult transition. I help you as a professional creative to design your work to be meaningful and maintainable. If you succeed, I have fulfilled my purpose.
I have always enjoyed my work. After decades without a reasonable income, my infatuation diminished. One day I discovered people from creative industries who had created work they liked, who made a fair income and still had a decent life. I wanted that lifestyle. When you were a toddler, everything was fun – Hard fun, because you played, experimented, created games and invited others to play with you. Your work should similarly emulate that you play, experiment and fail. And then get up again.The course “Work worth doing” is not just about listening and reading. Learning comprises assessing, researching, creativity, prototyping, and conducting experiments. Many stakeholders do not understand how much time is required to produce high-quality creative work. It is also difficult to get work that suits your level of competence. It is even more difficult to get paid a salary that reflects your experience. I have helped professionals increase their income by helping them approach their work-life with a more business- and entrepreneurial mindset. I also want to teach you how to innovate your way of working. Do the survey to help you assess what makes your work meaningful or meaningless and where you are on that continuum.

The ultimate guide to know what makes work meaningful–or meaningless

“Your Ideal Work” is a 16 pages free guide with advice and five exercises on how to assess your work and make it provide purpose and prosperity. Receive the guide and get weekly articles on how to design your future work.