Design your work to make a difference
– and a living

Are you a professional creative that feels your work is not meaningful, or simply does not provide you with enough money?

I am Christian Leborg, a self-taught professional creative with a preference for lifelong learning. I have changed my career five times. Now I want to help you to design better work.*


What can you do to get better work and earn more money?

A free guide to find and define your ideal work future.

Are your work meaningful or meaningless?

Get professional autonomy and financial independence.

Why design work

Photography by Petter Strømsted

I help creative professionals design their work to make a difference and make a living. I have always loved my job but may have focused more on the quality of the work than on the quality of my career. I know that you as a creative professional have well above average number of working hours.

In addition, you follow the latest developments in your niche diligently. You may think it is impossible to spend time on a course to change your career. This is exactly why I want to teach you how to spend less time and energy on work, design the work that suits you, and make more money.
Learn more about significant work

The ultimate guide to know what makes work meaningful–or meaningless

“Your Ideal Work” is a 16 pages free guide with advice and five exercises on how to assess your work and make it provide purpose and prosperity. Receive the guide and get weekly articles on how to design your future work.